Hercules Book Cover

Exciting news

Maggie has recently released a new book published by John Blake Publishing Ltd available in all good bookstores and on Amazon to buy or download. If you would like it signed please don’t hesitate to pop into the shop. It’s a bit of a tearjerker and it brings everything in Hercules’ life right up to date.”

Hercules lived with me and my husband Andy for 25 years!
Years filled with fun and laughter, drama and excitement.


It all started in 1974 when Andy, who was an acrobatic and explosive wrestler toyed with the idea that he would like to realise a dream. Always the showman and with a fantastic talent to both entertain and whip up the crowds, he had been talked into wrestling a black bear in the Maple Leaf Gala in Toronto in the late '60's.

The bear was called Terrible Ted and was owned by an Indian gentleman called Jean Duguix. The whole experience stayed with Andy and his fascination with bears began. Little did he know that a most special "person" called Hercules would burst into our lives with such presence that fascinated the watchers, sceptics and open-minded alike.

On August 31st 1975 Andy and I took delivery of and travelled home with our own special baby bear. From that moment on our lives, and his changed forever. We had never imagined that the little bundle of fluff we had adopted would bring us such joy and laughter, and indeed to so many others who saw him or heard of his adventures through his colourful life.

Hercules died on 4th February 2001. Our lives dulled a little from that day onwards and we miss him still. Here, through the world wide web, we can share with you some of our most special memories. We were greatly blessed to have known him and Hercules can never be replaced, but he can be remembered and honoured in this way.